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The Murge area which overlooks the sea; the expanse of vineyards and olive, almond, cherry trees, across which the eye wanders in awe; Paolo del Colle’s bell tower (locally called U Spione, “The Spying Man”), which bestrides the city of Bari.

In his Naturalis Historia, Pliny the Elder mentions the Palionenses, the ancient inhabitants of Apuliae, attesting how the Ancient Romans were already familiar with these beautiful landscapes.

Our culture is deeply rooted in those times: the fascinating era of Hercules, Jupiter, Juno, Minerva. This is where we are located: right in the middle of an intersection between history and mythology, in a spot blessed by the beauty of an olive-green natural landscape…

This is where you can find Rosalia and Beatrice, two women of different generations.

Aunt Beatrice is the depositary of the family’s traditions. She proudly keeps walking her ancestors’ path, by running the family business.

Rosalia is her nephew, a long-time pharmacist with a passion for all that concerns nature. She’s now going back to her family’s origins with a precise idea in her mind: to enhance and give new life to her motherland’s products.

By intertwining tradition, innovation, and love for their territory together, they decided to accept the challenge of organic agriculture, which has now become their brand’s flagship.

This is the story that lies behind “Rosalia and Beatrice’s” Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil: an eco-friendly brand that honours the most ancient traditions of Apuliae’s land.