Walking by the 8000 centuries-old olive trees belonging to the Giovanniello business, you feel restored.

It’s as if those majestic trees, the crowns of which stretch up to the sky, were giving us their own strength, along with their precious fruit. In here, you can admire the two local varieties of olive trees, typical of the Bari area.

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This cultivar is also known as “paesana” or “cima di Bitonto”. This ancient variety of olives produces a fine and delicate Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.

It has a fruity, almond aroma; its colour is bright yellow.


This cultivar is typical of the lands that surround Bari. Its oil is powerful and full of character to the taste, with well-balanced pungent and bitter hints.

It has a green olive and herbal aroma, with strong hints of artichoke, borage, and almond. The coratina variety is known for its high level of polyphenols if compared to other varieties. This gives it time-enduring characteristics and a typical spicy hint.